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The top leader of the Sinaloa cartel faces multiple charges for drug trafficking in the U.S. According to news agency Associated Press ( AP ) , the top leader of the Sinaloa cartel and one of the world's most wanted drug lords was captured in a hotel in Mazatlan, Mexico after the collaboration between Mexican and U.S. authorities. A senior U.S. official said Guzman was captured alive in the city, a seaside resort on the Pacific coast . The official, who was not authorized to speak about the arrest , gave information on the condition of anonymity . Guzman faces multiple federal drug charges in the United States and is on the list of most wanted Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA ) . His drug empire stretches across North America, but also reaches as far away as Europe and Australia . The Sinaloa Cartel has been heavily involved in the bloody drug war that has plagued parts of Mexico for several years . This arrest comes after his arrest in 1993 in Guatemala , and the escape succeeded , eight years later, the maximum security prison in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The Minister of Defence of Colombia , Juan Carlos Pinzon, said of the capture of ' Chapo ' Guzman " is a snapshot satisfaction generated worldwide, anyone who manages to affect his effort , if the drug you want to curse , a either way, is contributing not only the interests of combating crime is a fact of good faith , to be frank , the same interests of the Colombian people , which ends to be affected by narcotics. So good riddance to congratulate Mexico 's government to recognize their efforts, recognizing that responsibility where Colombia is perhaps an example in the world but good that other countries like Mexico also may be. " This is 'El Chapo ' Guzman El Chapo is the world's most wanted drug trafficker who escaped from prison after bribe , according to reports , the prison guards to help him escape in a laundry basket . Your head is worth five million dollars for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA , for its acronym in English ) , but his personal fortune amounts to billions of dollars , because according to Forbes magazine, the Sinaloa Cartel is responsible for 25 % of drug from Mexico to the United States. " It will not change the paradigm that produces crime and violence would not be the end of the drug war or violence , but it would be a huge accomplishment ," said Michael Beith , author of The Last Narco . Hunting Chapo , the drug lord most wanted . In an interview with El Universal, the American journalist provides that " the capture of El Chapo , President Calderón ( President of Mexico from 2006 to 2012 ) could close that chapter of the war on drugs and focus on other important things like employment and social reconstruction less critical . " However, for Anabel Hernandez , author of The Lords of Narco , Version laundry cart in the escape from the prison in Grande, Jalisco, on January 19, 2011 is little more than a myth, as in the book is detailed that it was all an operation for the Sinaloa cartel leader his release. 'El Chapo ' was arrested on June 9, 1993 , on the border between Guatemala and Mexico , and sent to the maximum security prison 'La Palma' , now ' Altiplano ', located in the state of Mexico . Subsequently, on November 22, 1995 was transferred to the prison in Puente Grande, Jalisco, where he escaped on 19 January 2001, when he was serving a sentence of 20 years in prison for illegal against health, criminal association and bribery. Five attorneys have been at the forefront of the Attorney General 's Office ( PGR ) from leakage Guzman Loera, and at different times have advocated the need to recapture the leader of the Sinaloa cartel . The last time the attorney said he had been about to apprehend 'El Chapo ' , was in January 2012 , during an operation in Los Cabos, Baja California. But not only in Mexico , the drug dealer is in the spotlight in February of the same year , U.S. President Barack Obama said that 'El Chapo' fall as with Osama bin Laden , the former leader of Al Qaeda , who was killed in a U.S. operation in Pakistan on May 1, 2011 . beginnings Guzman Loera was not always the most important Mexico kingpin . His name began to resonate from the shooting of the nightclub 'Christine ' , which occurred in Puerto Vallarta , Jalisco in 1992, in the murder of a cardinal in May 1993 in Guadalajara, and in the execution of Rodolfo Carrillo Fuentes, in September 2004 in Culiacan. Hector " El Guero " Palma Salazar was the predecessor to 'El Chapo' in front of the Sinaloa cartel and his cellmate in Puente Grande, until he was extradited to the United States in 2007 by the PGR. 'El Chapo ' is a distant cousin of the Beltran Leyva brothers , leaders of the organization of the same name , and was Arthur, 'The Beard ' , who allegedly drove Guzman Loera 's career during his captivity . However, after the departure of 'El Chapo ' prison , he broke with his relatives , rupture increased with the death of Arturo Beltran Leyva , who was killed by marines in Morelos, on December 16, 2009 . Furthermore, Arturo , Alfredo and Héctor Beltrán Leyva , a ' El Chapo ' has been linked to Pedro Aviles, who is supposedly his uncle. Avilés Pérez was an ally of the three founders of the Guadalajara cartel , which later became the Sinaloa - , Rafael Caro Quintero, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo and Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, 'Don Neto ' . The three leaders of the Guadalajara cartel are accused by the U.S. government for the death of U.S. agent Enrique ' Kiki ' Camarena on February 7, 1985 .

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